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The osmosis system is a membrane filtration method for obtaining pure water, which separates all the unwanted minerals in the water from the water, which is applied when conventional treatment systems are insufficient for agricultural production.

This system provides clean water by removing the solids, minerals and microorganisms within 92-98% of the water with the help of the semi-permeable membrane under high pressure and helps to send this water back to the system with the fertilization system of EC and PH levels.

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In the new generation soil and soilless agricultural systems, the amount of water to be used in irrigation and fogging processes is as important as the irrigation time, as well as the quality of
the irrigation water.Agricultural greenhouses need low conductivity water close to rainwater values to irrigate plants and moisten the greenhouse
air.No matter how good the seeds and other materials used are, no matter how effective modern irrigation methods are used, if appropriate quality water is not used in irrigation, the amount
and quality of the product will decrease.
In the greenhouse systems where water quality is so important within Greenhouse Marketim, the most appropriate water standards specific to the products you will grow are determined by our engineers.

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