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It is the area where cocopeat and plants used in soilless greenhouses are placed, fixed with fasteners at a height of 40-60 cm from the ground.

Width size varies according to the product to be planted in the greenhouse. It is produced from 0.6mm thick epoxy painted sheet metal.

Sera Gutter and Suspension Systems, Thanks to our specially designed sheet metal forming machine, gutter and hanger systems are produced in the project area by custom, length and design. In the hanging system, 10 mm "C" hooks are hung on the pipes under each main truss, these hooks are specially produced 4 mm thick. radial, galvanized steel slings are hung. All apparatus and connection parts are ready for assembly in harmony. Each of these ropes has a load capacity of 500 kg. There is an adjustment bolt at the end of the ropes.The parrot hanger, which is hung on the adjustment bolt, is covered with electrostatic paint on 8 mm galvanized iron.

Gutter Başlık Sac Takımı_2.jpg
Gutter Bitiş Kapağı 1.jpg
Başlık Sac Takımı_a1.jpg
Bitki Döndürme_1.jpg
32’lik Askı Teli Kelepçes_1.jpg
Gutter hanging systems, which are one of the main
parts of soilless agriculture greenhouses, are increasing day by day, these systems use to be placed on plant growing.Use of gutter hanging systems, there are many advantages
to hydroponic culture growing systems.Drainage water and fertilizers are stored in this systemand reusable.The same amount of water is provided for each plant.The transmission and spread of diseases and pests areminimized.
The height of the gutter system is optimally adjusted perfectly, for workers working in the greenhouse, labor gain is at the highest level.
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