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Cocopeat ; It is the substrate (soil replacement material) obtained from the shell of the coconut and used in soilless agriculture. The desired Ph level of Cocopeat is between 5.2 and 6.2. In addition, another desired feature is that it has a 30% air and 70% water holding capacity.

Advantages & Benefits

* Even distribution of water and air throughout the substrate- Effective distribution of roots.

* High water capacity combined with sufficient air.

* High buffer capacity.

* Slow decay.

* It is reusable and very suitable for recycling.

* It is completely organic, so it is very easy to mix into nature.

* It is more nutritious than perlite and rock wool.

* Since the water retention rate is high, the product grown is bright, meaty and firm.

* Due to its high water retention rate, it saves fertilizer, water and labor.


Cocopeat is sterile, does not carry foreign seeds and diseases.
Desalinated by buffering process.
Calcium and magnesium were added. EC value is 250
μS/cm. It has high air conductivity. Rooting is fast and
healthy.It can retain 9 times its dry weight in water and nutrients,
gives to the plant its needs quite quickly and regularly.
Keeps water for a long time. It has excellent drainage. its
natural pH is 5.5-6.4 and it is suitable for plants.
Coco Plus cocopeats high physical stability, excellent water
holding capacity, it has advanced features such as
year-round use.It is also environmentally friendly as it is produced naturally.
It can be shipped worldwide in compressed form.

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